Why Elect Democrats?

Democrats see the glass as half full, with room for new opportunities and better lives for all. Republicans see that glass as half empty, with limitations and shortages — a view that allows only a few to prosper. Democrats believe in American leadership committed to solving domestic and global problems. We stand up for YES. Republicans say NO to every issue, except tax breaks for the rich and large corporations.  

The Chatham County Democratic Party promotes public education, the rule of law, smart growth, environmental protection, broadband access, reproductive rights, affordable health care, and paving the path to inclusion and equity for everyone.  

Because we value our communities and neighbors, we are proud to support these candidates who will work for you:

The U.S. Congress should propose legislation to improve access to health care and lower medication costs, ensure reproductive rights nationwide, tackle pandemics, build climate resilience, promote common sense gun safety, modernize transportation and our aging infrastructure, and rethink immigration policies and pathways to citizenship.

Our candidates will seek solutions: 

• Cheri Beasley, U.S. Senate

• Ben Clark, U.S. House of Representatives

NC State Legislature issues include access to abortion services; fully funding our teachers and public schools; changing broadband law so communities can serve residents; protecting our water, air, and soil; expanding Medicaid; and funding public health and social services. 

These Chatham candidates will say YES: 

• Robert Reives II, NC House of Representatives, District 54

• Natalie S. Murdock, NC State Senate, District 20

NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Judicial candidates apply state law to civil cases and personal rights. Democrat judges have backgrounds in community service and aren’t driven by ideology.

These Democrat judges will treat everyone equally under the law:

• Sam Ervin and Lucy Inman, NC Supreme Court Associate Justices

• Gale Murray Adams, Darren Jackson, Brad A. Salmon, and Carolyn Jennings Thompson, NC Court of Appeals Judges

The Chatham County Board of Commissioners works directly for you. Among the issues they’re focused on are affordable housing, smart growth, teacher pay supplements, Sheriff and Emergency Management budgets, and funding for new schools, parks, services, and agencies. These matters touch your life, every day.

To improve life in Chatham: 

• David Delaney, District 3

• Katie Kenlan, District 4

•  Franklin Gomez Flores, District 5

Chatham County School Board members guide policy and make decisions aimed at creating a safe, supportive school environment. Chatham schools will invest the resources to help each child build their academic skills so they can succeed.

 Our current board members pledge to put children first:

• Del Turner, District 3

• Jane Allen Wilson, District 4

• Gary Leonard, District 5

Sheriff Mike Roberson will continue to hire, equip, and train the best, most diverse staff in NC. He is building positive relationships throughout Chatham communities so no one is afraid to seek assistance.

 District Attorney (District 18) Jeff Nieman will lead the DA’s office, where he has worked for 16 years. He advocates for rehabilitation, racial justice, and ending the criminalization of poverty. He co-founded NC’s Driver’s License Restoration Project.

 Clerk of Superior Court Dana Hackney is the hub of Chatham’s court system. She is Judge of Probate and responsible for all estate administrations. All court-related matters are administered through this office.

 Superior Court Judge (District 15B, Seat 1) Alyson A. Grine was appointed in 2021. She previously served as an assistant district attorney, assistant public defender, and law professor. 

 Superior Court Judge (District 15B, Sat 2) Allen Baddour has served as Chatham County judge since 2006. Baddour is an advocate for bail reform and a more informed sentencing process.  

 District Court Judge (District 15B, Seat 1) C. Todd Roper is committed to respecting those who appear before him. Everyone has their own story and circumstances that brought them to court. He will apply the law fairly and equally.

Every election reflects our collective values and how we see ourselves. The right of all citizens to elect local, state, and federal officials defines our democracy. Chatham County Democrats encourage you to vote for people who see opportunity in a glass half full.