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Plant-based diets & blood pressure

by Karen Pullen What is Blood Pressure? With each contraction of your powerful heart muscle, blood surges through your arteries, veins, and capillaries, pressing against blood vessel walls. The walls expand then relax, expand then relax, with every heartbeat.  That’s why ...

Go Plant-Based and Protect Your Brain

by Karen Pullen Of all the health issues we’d like to prevent, losing our mental abilities tops the list. Losing memory and brain power means stripping away our most critical capabilities. If the process drags on over years, as it ...

Going Plant-Based for Your Health to Reduce Inflammation

by Karen Pullen What is inflammation? There’s a defensive war going on in your body, conducted by intelligence officers (ordinary cells), signalers (interferons and cytokines), generals (endothelial cells), and armed soldiers (white blood cells). Their mission: to detect, envelop, destroy, and ...