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Vote for Randy Voller
by Judi Anderson

Chatham County’s progress in the next two decades depends on all of us as residents doing the right things at the right times to help the County grow in a constructive, positive way. Part of that platform includes learning how to maximize manpower and resources in ways that are collaborative with our neighboring counties, with our citizenry and with businesses that are here or want to be here.

This collaborative spirit, to be successful, must put partisanship aside and focus on the goals at hand. These include jobs, housing, school improvements, and infrastructure, to be sure. These things all give us direct benefits. But, there’s a larger goal afforded to us as citizens of Chatham County. It includes reaching out to all audiences, all constituencies, and all stakeholders, regardless of where they live and vote. We are, after all, part of a larger neighborhood of kindred spirits with similar objectives.

If we want to consider who embodies this type of collaborative, collegial thinking and puts it into practical use, we need look no farther than to the current Mayor of Pittsboro, Randy Voller. Mayor Voller exemplifies the “can do” attitude that is essential in this day and age. His efforts to uplift Pittsboro have created a watershed of benefits for the community and for the County as a whole. Moreover, his vision has created a new recognition of Chatham County as a sleeping giant of opportunity for commerce, recreation, residential communities and innovation that wants to preserve its bucolic, small-town atmosphere.

Can these two forces co-exist? Yes, with proper leadership. Voller exemplifies what it’s going to take to deal with future issues that impact not only Pittsboro but Chatham County and its neighbors. He recognizes that we can no longer be bound by the borders of the communities in which we live. We need to all be thinking “outside the box”—recognizing that Pittsboro has come SO far under Voller’s leadership and has even greater upside potential for being a model community that offers the best of the worlds in which we currently live. We can enjoy the country atmosphere and heritage of a community that dates back to the founding of our nation. And, at the same time, we are within minutes of vibrant universities, the amenities of the RDU area, and the job opportunities that make North Carolina unique.

Voller may well be the glue that holds Pittsboro together—and the super glue that keeps Pittsboro in the forefront of working countywide and statewide to deliver on the promise of a bright future for all of its citizens. He’s demonstrated the strength of character, the inventiveness, and the political savvy it takes to nurture and protect the community, while helping it play a role in crafting creative solutions to problems shared by citizens throughout Chatham County and beyond. Pittsboro residents will do well to re-elect him in the upcoming election. The future of Pittsboro will be in good hands under his guidance.

Residents of the Town of Pittsboro, supporting Voller's regional collaborative approach can vote early through Saturday, Oct. 31 at the Board of Elections and on Tuesday, November 3 at the Central Carolina Community College.

Judi Anderson is a transplant to Chatham County. She works in NC, PA, and Washington, DC on issues of concern to citizens of both large and small communities.

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