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Maintaining Health and Energy into the Seventies
by Judy Hogan

People ask me where I get my energy. I don’t know exactly, but I’ll tell you how I live. I know that, if our telomeres are happy and replacing our cells as needed, we keep thriving. If not, we begin to die. More...

Too Busy is Not Healthy
by Jeff Davidson

Put down that sandwich and read this closely! When you read while you eat, or vice versa, neither activity is fully experienced, and the clock seems to tick faster. You might by reading while eating alone for company, not because of time pressure; nevertheless, your perception is that the hour is passing more quickly. More...

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ChathamArts Sustainable Cinema Presents: LOGGERHEADS

Tuesday, May 28, 7:30 PM, Fearrington Barn

"A poetic, beautifully acted tour de force." -New York Post.

On May 28th, 2011, ChathamArts will screen this award winning film by Monroe, NC native and NC State University graduate Tim Kirkman (Dear Jesse).

Filmed in three locations in North Carolina, "Loggerheads" stars Kip Pardue, Michael Kelly, Tess Harper, Chris Sarandon and Bonnie Hunt. Loggerheads (2005), premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Kirkman is currently directing Kitty Hawk (2013), a biopic about Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Loggerheads interweaves three separate but related stories that take place in different parts of North Carolina. On Mother's Day 1999, Mark, a young drifter with an interest in endangered loggerhead turtles, begins a relationship with motel handyman George. On Mother's Day 2000, Mark's adoptive mother Elizabeth wonders what has become of her estranged son. On Mother's Day 2001, Mark's birth mother Grace quits her job to begin a search for the child she gave up years before-a search that ultimately brings the stories together. From IMBD, Written by Eric Sorensen.

View the trailer at

ChathamArts Sustainable Cinema is a film series featuring documentaries, narrative and independent films involving producers, directors, subjects and/or locations in North Carolina. Screenings take place Jan-June and Sept-Nov at the Fearrington Barn in Fearrington Village, Pittsboro. Admission at the door is $5 except for special events.

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