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Old, Cold, Broke,
and Alone

by Jeff Davidson

It's been unusually cold in Chatham County and across the state for too much of this winter. Combined with a sluggish economy, it's easy to feel a bit down. Indeed, the fear of being old, cold, broke, and alone are the four horsemen of aging baby boomers, but that need not be their fate. More...

Chatham loses
3 great citizens

by Kirk Ross

I spent much of my first decade in residence in this state in Chatham County and was fortunate to encounter there many fine and inspiring individuals. On the gray, chilly morning that followed a beautiful fall day, I woke to find that another of Chatham’s greats had left us – the third in three weeks. More...

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Manila Memories bring back war in the Pacific

Join the Friends of the Pittsboro Memorial Library on Tuesday, February 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the Pittsboro Sr. Center for Manila Memories. Friends Program Chair, Gary Simpson, will lead an informal discussion with author Juergen Goldhagen.

Four boyhood friends rediscover one another at a class reunion. They begin reminiscing about a time long ago and far away. The place, the south Pacific -- Manila in the Philippines. The time, WWII – the Japanese occupation and the liberation. Two other alumni, now authors, urge them to write down their memoirs.

A seed is planted. Interviews are conducted and manuscripts written. Individual stories take shape as cobwebs of the mind and are swept away, revealing the feelings, thoughts and events that shaped the lives of this quartet of unlikely authors. From the recollections of four young European boys caught up in the winds of war, a book is born – Manila Memories.

Juergen Goldhagen was a skinny, blonde-haired 6-year-old when he and his mother departed Hamburg Germany to join his Jewish Father who had immigrated to Manila in response to the signs of impending war. Now a resident of Fearrington Village, Juergen was the moving force behind the creation of the book, and the editor of the four-person narratives that comprise the work. Joining him in describing life before, during and after the epic battle to liberate Manila are his classmates Roderick Hall, Hans Hoeflin and Hans Walser. Together they paint a mural of wartime Manila as seen through the boyish eyes of these ill-fated innocents.

We’ll take an in depth look not only at the lives of the four boys during these dangerous days, but also at the process by which the book was conceived and brought to life. Excerpts from the narratives will be read, and will serve as launching pads to explore each unique story. This program is free and open to the public. Visiit our website at

Judy Hogan to lead workshop for creative writers and artists

Judy Hogan, poet and free-lance writer, will be offering her workshop "Lifestyle Support for Writers and Artists" February 13, Saturday, 9 a.m. -4 p.m. at her home in Moncure in Chatham County. Lunch will be provided. The focus will be on all the many ways that writers and artists can reliably get their work done, including managing time, money, diet, exercise, so as to live in a healthy, self-confident way, with regular time set aside for creative work. In-class exercises will promote problem solving, freeing up creativity, and setting and attaining goals.

Dawn Shamp, a former student of Judy’s and author of the debut novel On Account of Conspicuous Women, comments, "Judy Hogan is a quiet, enigmatic force in a literary world increasingly defined by noisy salutes and forgotten legacies. But the fortunate among us who are able to sit at her knee or sweat at her side have a rare opportunity to learn holistic lessons – not only about classic literature and its importance to our daily slogging over keyboards and reference texts, but also about life, commitment to ideals, and independent thought. Judy has taught me to love Literature, and in the process, to believe in its extension to my own craft. Whatever I achieve in my writing hearkens to her grounding and support ... "

Those interested may contact Judy by phone 919.545.9932 or email: The daylong workshop costs $60. To reserve a place, send $20 deposit to PO Box 253, Moncure, N.C. 27559-0253.

Support for parents/guardians of those with fetal alcohol exposure

Those raising children who have special needs resulting from fetal alcohol exposure are invited to join with others who share similar interests via a newly organizing support group in the Triangle. Day, time and location of support group meetings will be based on the majority needs of participants. Group anticipates beginning regular monthly meetings in early 2010. Email support can begin earlier. Interested participants should contact Kathy Hotelling at or at 919.265.3390.

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