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December 2016/January 2017

Feeling monachopsis and deracinated? I am!
by Gaines Steer

Resorting to obscure words in an odd tactic to override uncomfortable feelings, I admit. If you'll agree to read on a bit, I'll publicly "Webster them" and pray that they serve a purpose herein. Yes indeed, this is yet another op ed piece by yet another scribe and pundit claiming to harbor some erudite insights into the spectacle we are witnessing in the old U S and A. Do not be fooled by yon saavy words. Why only a fool seeks to decipher an enigma that he/she literally did-not-see-coming and famously predicted in the opposite, as it were. I is in fast company, this cartooned Pogo. Yet I write…

"Monachopis" is a persistent feeling of being out of place, maladapted. So help me, I cannot seem to shake this newly discovered emotion in my hemisphere. And I'll wager that more than one-half of my countrymen/w also suffer from feelings of alienation and utter confusion. Please save us from yet another word-full explanation of the politicized whys and therefores that fill our airwaves, pages, and digitals. Please! We have years and years to weep, explain, complain, accommodate. Perhaps it is time to emotionally "deracinate." And you?

"Deracinate" is the defensive act of removing oneself from a native environment or culture. Not necessarily a move to Alaska or France but an emotional detachment or suspension that serves to give ballast to our personal and private values and practices, which we hold dear. It is times like these, I contend, when one's localized tribe and intentional community(s) hold the antidote to fear and emotional chaos. Stay true to "what's mine to say and do." Practice the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Detach a bit when the big picture is frightening and incongruous. Visit our ancestors; what values did they instill? Nurture children. Practice kindness and gratitude. Be peaceful. Forgive ourselves. Go within. Reach out.

Gaines Steer is a Community Organizer who lives in Pittsboro. He is also Outreach Coordinator for Chatham County Line.

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Clean Jordan Lake Hosts Arnold Air Society Service Day

Fran DiGiano of Clean Jordan Lake announced "We're proud that 60 ROTC Air Force cadets from our state universities have selected us for their day of community service on Saturday, January 28th."

The group will remove trash and tires from a one-half mile stretch of shoreline along the Haw River Arm of the lake. DiGiano added that "We last cleaned this section in Fall 2015 but since then our hard work has been undone by heavy rainfalls in January and October (Hurricane Matthew) of 2016 that flushed a huge load of trash down the Haw."

The Arnold Air Society is a professional, honorary, service organization that advocates the support of aerospace power. The UNC-Chapel Hill squadron has done both on- and off-campus service, for example with the Carolina Campus Community Gardens with the Durham Habitat for Humanity Restore and the Orange County Special Olympics.

The Saturday event is organized by UNC-Chapel Hill's squadron. Senior cadet Estelle Mcqueen explained "STATECON is a North Carolina-wide conference to bring together Arnold Air Society squadrons from UNC Charlotte, NC State, ECU, and Fayetteville State University for a day of service and bonding. Our Society aims to develop excellent Air Force officers prepared to lead in the near future through acts of service, and working with Clean Jordan Lake will be a great opportunity to further Service Before Self, an Air Force Core Value."

The trash cleanup will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m.

Blue Jeans and Bling Benefit

Chatham County Partnership for Children will host Blue Jeans and Bling Benefit for Children, on Saturday, February 4th, from 5:30-9:30 p.m. at The Barn at Woodlake Meadows, 3809 McLaurin Rd, Bear Creek, NC 27207. (

This year's benefit auction ticket price is $40.00 and will include an exciting evening of dinner, drinks, silent and live auctions, games and fun!

The Chatham County Partnership Staff and Board of Directors, including parents, teachers, childcare providers, and community members are dedicated to improving the lives of our county’s young children helping them to grow up safe, healthy, and able to succeed.

This year we are proud to have as our Honorary Chairpersons, Mayor Cindy Perry of Pittsboro, Mayor John Grimes of Siler City, and Mayor Tim Cunnup of Goldston. All agree that programs such as Smart Start and NC Pre-K provide quality and affordable childcare and play a vital role in early childhood education. Mayor Perry commented that as a rural county, Chatham faces the challenge of providing children and their parents easy access to quality childcare and that, “It is important to keep the public focused on the incredible success that Smart Start has brought to our young students.” Mayor Grimes, a long time Partnership supporter, understands how extremely beneficial the Partnership’s programs are to young children and their parents in Siler City.

Mayor Cunnup noted that, "I didn’t realize until lately the many services that are offered by the Partnership. What a wonderful organization we have here in Chatham County."

For tickets and information, call 919.542.7449, 919.542.6644) or visit our website: Hope to see you there!

Grant money for the Haw River Trail

Chatham County Parks & Recreation has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the NC Recreational Trail Program to complete work on the Haw River Trail that runs from Guilford County to Jordan Lake. Chatham County will provide $25,000 in matching funds.

The grant will help build a pedestrian bridge across Pokeberry Creek and provide a one-mile natural surface trail on either side of the bridge. At this time, the trail is rough and lacks a connection over the creek.

Tracy Burnett, director of Chatham County Parks & Recreation, said that Gretchen Smith gets credit for writing the successful grant proposal. Smith is the president of the Friends of Lower Haw River State Natural Area, an important partner in the project.

Burnett said that the grant project addresses one of the department's priorities to further develop greenways around the county. "It also will improve public safety, help prevent stream erosion and will help deter trail users from straying on to private land."

After construction, the bridge will be turned over to the NC Division of State Parks, which owns the land. The work is expected to begin in the first half of 2017.

Siler City wins $1.5 million grant for wastewater upgrades

The Town of Siler City has been awarded a $1.5 million grant through the Community Development Block Grant – Economic Development program, which is administered through the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA). The grant, based on Mountaire Farm’s announcement of 700 new jobs for its future processing facility in the Town of Siler City, will help the town make wastewater system upgrades.

"We are very pleased with the announcement of this grant for the Town of Siler City to upgrade our wastewater system," said Mayor John Grimes. "Mountaire Farms has already demonstrated that it is an outstanding corporate citizen. This grant will help us meet our needs to adequately serve all of our residents and future growth."

In May 2016, Mountaire Farms announced the purchase of the former Townsends poultry processing facility in Siler City. With the announcement, comes 700 new jobs and an investment of $70 million. Construction is underway at the vacant processing plant to prepare for Mountaire Farms’ anticipated opening in Spring 2019.

The CDBG-ED Program in North Carolina is designed to benefit low- and moderate-income populations through job creation. Funding eligibility is contingent on the creation of permanent, full-time jobs meeting the following qualifying condition: at least 60% must be made available to persons whose household income over the previous 12 months was less than 80 percent of the median income for the area.

For more information, contact the Chatham Economic Development Corporation at 919.542.8274.


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