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Marathon meeting of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners Nov. 19

Contaminated water and Henry’s Ridge development on Mt. Gilead Church Rd; Capital Improvements Plan for 2013—new agricultural building; 9-11 Artifact memorial site; buying water from Durham to serve Colvard Farm development on Hwy 751; miniscule funds for Transportation Improvement Plan in northeast Chatham; and two contentious public hearings, (a.) permit amendment for Westfall development on Booth Mt. (off Lystra Church Rd.) and, (b.) rezoning request for wedding venue in Hamptons, an upscale development on Mt. Gilead Church Rd. More...

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ONLINE BRIEFS - DECEMBER, 2012 / January 2013

Charter School Job Fair in Greensboro Offers Teaching Opportunities in Chatham

The NC Public Charter Schools Association will host a job fair for educators interested in working at one of the 25 new charter schools opening in North Carolina in 2013, including Willow Oak Montessori in Chatham County. The event is free to the public on Saturday, December 8, from 1 to 4 PM at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro.

Eddie Goodall, Executive Director of the Association, said, “Our charters have much preparation to tend to in the coming months and this affords them and teachers a chance to at least meet and exchange information in an informal setting. Many teachers have so many misconceptions about charters that a venue offering face to face dialogue is the best way to remove those.”

Willow Oak Montessori will participate in the job fair. As the only elementary school of its kind in Chatham County, Head of School Pete Rubinas is confident that “many teaching professionals will be eager to hear about our time-honored educational philosophy and the unique collaborative teaching opportunities available at our school.” Willow Oak Montessori is seeking both Montessori certified and North Carolina state certified teachers as candidates for positions starting in August 2013.

Registration for the job fair is not required but is requested by emailing and listing your name and county.

More about North Carolina charters may be found at the Association’s website at or at the Office of Charter Schools’ website at

Willow Oak Montessori strives to assist children in achieving their unique potential as responsible global citizens by nurturing self-confidence and independent decision making in a stimulating, creative and diverse Montessori community. In pursuing this mission, we seek to engage with our community and to make a Montessori education accessible to all.

Montessori is an educational philosophy rooted in the observations and research of Dr. Maria Montessori and allows children to learn in an individualized and independent manner in a multi-age setting.

For more information, please visit

P.O. BOX 1357 · CARRBORO, NC 27510 · 919.740.5231 ·

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