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Margie Horton Ellison - A Remembrance of the Late Chatham County Organizer
by Al McSurely

Friends of George Moses (although he was 32 years old he still had no last name because he was legally classified as the chattel property, like a horse, of a Chatham County man named James Horton) published a collection of his poems in 1829 called “The Hope of Liberty.” More...

Chatham County Tax Reduction Initiative
by Tom Glendinning

Chatham County has joined the list of local governments being scrutinized for their spending habits. More...

Voller Endorsement 2
by Judi Anderson

Chatham County’s progress in the next two decades depends on all of us as residents doing the right things at the right times to help the County grow in a constructive, positive way. More...

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Pittsboro's First Sunday features Christmas Parade

First Sunday - December 6, noon 4 p.m. -- offers a nice, leisurely wander through the unique shops and galleries of Historic Pittsboro. Wonderful dining at several local eateries, and the chance to browse the offerings of a great mix of artists and craftsfolk. This month the Town of Pittsboro hosts the annual Christmas Parade – 3 pm on the circle. For an idea of the variety of artists who usually participate, visit or call 919.960.5892 for more information.

New business group announces “Buy Carrboro Week”

LocalMotive, a network of local business owners, community leaders, and citizens, has announced that December 5-12 is the first Buy Carrboro Week. The campaign is geared toward encouraging Carrboro residents to support the town’s locally-owned businesses over the holiday season and to inform them of the many benefits of doing so.

Jenny McMillan, owner of Nested and a founder of LocalMotive, said “Local-owned business is really the bedrock of the community. Our goal is to remind people that, by supporting Carrboro businesses this holiday season, they strengthen the town in so many ways.” To underscore that point, LocalMotive points to a proclamation issued by the Board of Aldermen for Buy Carrboro Week. In it, the board cites a list of “10 reasons to by local,” among them job creation, energy savings, support for community groups, and the fact that studies show that a dollar spent at a locally owned store has three times the local economic impact of a dollar spent at a chain store.

As part of the campaign, LocalMotive will be participating in the Holiday Parade on December 12. LocalMotive is also organizing a $2 bill campaign, giving $2 bills as change with messages on the benefits of supporting locally owned business. LocalMotive was launched this fall to build upon Carrboro’s current resources to provide guidance and support to existing as well as new locally owned businesses. LocalMotive is a network member of The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), which is a national alliance of local living economy networks. A local living economy ensures that economic power resides locally with a focus on community and natural life to sustain long term economic viability.

For more information, contact Brian Russell at or 919.883.5088 or visit

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