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October, 2014

The following two articles are opinions

Price of War
by John Heuer

US Representative David Price (NC-04) held a town meeting at Carol Woods Retirement Center in Chapel Hill on September 15 at the invitation of Elders for Peace. I asked him about the coherence of President Obama’s strategy to attack ISIS in Iraq while arming rebels to fight the government in Syria that is also fighting ISIS. Read more...

Elections and Consequences
by Don Lein

Another election season is rolling around and we are faced with some very stark differences between the parties and the candidates. On the right side we have the policies and candidates that embrace freedom (the Bill of Rights, particularly the First and Second Amendments) and economic growth and on the left (progressive) side we have huge governments and the costs thereof, often called deficits, overweening regulation and redistribution of wealth. Read more...

Chatham Visitors Bureau, Neha Shah win kudos

The Destination Marketing Association of North Carolina (DMANC) announced on Oct. 14 that the Pittsboro-Siler City Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) has won three statewide awards for its efforts to market the county as a visitor destination. Read more...

Life's greatest gift can be glimpsed in autumn skies
by Ginny Gregory

The evening peels down releasing a blush pink sky that reflects this amazing rosy glow throughout the forest. “Come out. Come out and see this fabulous view. The earth is silted in such a way that lushes skies are appearing this time of year. The trees are shedding and our sky view is opening.” I come outside only to have my breath taken away from me. I am simply stunned by this miraculous view beyond the trees, thru the branches. Read more...

Doggie Etiquette

The human code of polite behavior is lost on our canine companions. Dogs don’t care if they pass gas in a crowded room, or ever think about wiping off their muddy paws before coming into the house. On the other hand, people typically are not aware of the dos and don’ts when it comes to polite behavior in the dog world. Read more...

Loving and protecting our aquatic cousins
by Betty Phillips

As the Bee Gees sang to us, “How deep is your love?” Do you restrict your love only to your family, your nation, your own animals? Or do you care for all people, all animals, mother earth, the world? I’m going to help you decide. Research shows that an open heart brings with it the greatest peace and happiness. With all our TV, facebooking and twittering, sometimes we become lost in our iphones, thinking only of our immediate surroundings. I’m going to startle you a bit to open up your heart to see into the greater reality around you. Lets start with the next scene. Read more...

Guardians of Angels Celebrates 10 Years of Animal Advocacy
by Tom Waniewski

When Lisa Bellamy took over as Executive Director at Guardians of Angels (GOA), she had no idea how much there was to do. Then again, she was impressed with what had been done in the ten years. "It hard to believe that it was ten years ago that Guardians of Angels began as just a conversation about what to do about so many adoptable animals euthanized inhumanely," Lisa says enthusiastically. "And since then, so much has changed," she added.

Just recently GOA joined the NC Center for Non-Profits for further accountability, education and marketing expertise. One of the 2015 GOA goals is to begin advocating for animals state wide. "Animal issues affect everyone, everywhere and local ordinances are all over the map," said local attorney and GOA Vice President, Cabell Regan. "Dog fighting is one example; it is usually connected to drugs, gambling and animal abuse. It is now a federal offense to bring a child to a dog fight and for good reason," Regan explained. "To date, there have been no dog fights busted in Chatham County, and that does not line up, as North Carolina has more than its share, especially in rural counties like Chatham," he added. Read more...

Candidates for Chatham School Board make their pitch to voters
Del Turner - District 3

I have been honored to serve Chatham County families and other citizens on the Board of Education and I am running for re-election because I believe in public education as the right course for our county and country. Having been educated in both private and public schools in New York and North Carolina, I feel that I bring a well-rounded perspective to the Board of Education that informs my input into policy decisions we make about our students, teachers and staff.

My unwavering support for public education is grounded in the recognition that although private schooling advantaged my intellect, public schooling shaped my character. Public schools instilled in me a profound respect and consideration of all humanity irrespective of race, ethnicity, socio-economic class or religion. In that respect, public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy; they are in fact, the truest representation of who we say we are.

It was a publicly educated workforce that made our country the top economic, military and moral superpower in the world. Today still, 90 percent of our workforce is publicly educated. Yet, despite the proven legacy of free public education for the masses in this country, there are people who would seek to undermine it, transform it into something it was never meant to be and even sell it to the highest bidder. Education is an entity unto itself. It is not driven by anything; it drives EVERYthing. The perception that public schools are not educating our children is a myth, a lie much like the ‘weapons of mass destruction,’. I humbly ask that you re-elect me to the BOE for another term so I can continue to protect the interests of our children and teachers while they continue to excel.
Mia Munn - District 3

I have been involved with Chatham County Schools for almost 30 years as a parent of students in the system and a concerned community member. For six years, I have attended school board meetings and shared what I learned through social media. I have been an informal advocate for parents, students, school staff, and community members who have concerns about the schools. Now I want the opportunity to sit on the other side of the table, and serve the county more directly as a school board member. I believe my background provides a valuable perspective that no one on the current board possesses.

Early in my career, I was a social studies teacher, but for 25 years, I have worked in finance, project management, and data analysis. I spend my days working with and understanding the meaning of data. Much of the board’s time is focused on the $88 million budget. I have built budgets, reported on budget performance, analyzed budgets, and asked questions about budgets; I understand financial information. The board also deals with data concerning the district results on tests and other measures. Part of my job is to look at data, ensure it says what people say it says, and use that data to make decisions. My experience will help the board to make decisions to improve the education we provide to our students. I will focus on three things:

    • Teaching, not bureaucracy
    • Investment in the best programs
    • A coherent curriculum that builds informed, engaged American citizens

My husband and I have lived in Chatham County for 30 years. We know Chatham County is a wonderful, unique place. I want to help make our county even better, by ensuring that every student gets an excellence education. My website is I ask for your vote. Thank you.

Jane Allen Wilson - District 4

I am a native and life-long resident of Chatham County, the youngest of six children, born to civic-minded parents who reared us in our public schools. I have many vivid and fond memories of our schools. I carry an immense sense of gratitude for the many teachers who worked hard to provide a strong foundation for us, who opened our minds to a vast and opportunity-filled world, and who inspired us to explore and strive so that we would find our place in the world. I want for all of our county’s children to feel that inspiration, to discover their unique talents and the joy of learning, to be welcome and feel safe, and to delve into their futures secure in that fact that we have given them the foundation and the skills to create their futures.

I am currently the director of our local shelter for women and children. For 15 years, I have worked diligently for families from diverse backgrounds, listening, supporting, and advocating, so that children live in peace. I collaborated with the Partnership for Children, Childcare Networks, DSS, Hispanic Liaison, law enforcement, the courts, and our schools. I am bilingual, with experience in the Latino community.

While still living in Chatham, I worked for U.S. Senator Terry Sanford and for the state legislature’s House Committee on Finance under Representatives George Miller and Joe Hackney. I later worked on state policy to address the needs of rural communities, teenagers, and people with disabilities.

I have worked with children of all ages. I was an ESL teacher and an assistant teacher at a multi-cultural elementary school. I have worked on bullying prevention projects.

Public education is our state’s most important investment. Teachers are our most important asset. I will fully support our teachers and honor their longevity and commitment.

Angela Millsaps - District 4

I have a passion for Chatham County schools. I have lived in Siler City for 45 years. My husband, our 15-year-old son and I have all been educated in District 4 schools. Working in Siler City keeps us connected to the community. My volunteer service includes Classroom/School Volunteer (10 years); PTA president (7 years in 2 schools); School Improvement Team (3 years) and volunteer to several district committees; regularly attend School Board meetings; Chatham Education Foundation Board and Siler City Lions Club (25 years) working closely with our School Nurses providing vision screenings and with the JM Leo Club.

I believe in the best possible education for all students. I believe the job will be two-fold: first representing District 4 and then taking my knowledge/experiences in the schools and community to the Board where as a team the best decisions can be made for all our great county schools. Having lived in Siler City most of my life and volunteering for 10 years in the schools, has allowed me to connect with students, parents, teachers and county leaders. Because of these connections, they are confident that I will hear them; help find answers to concerns and defend what is best for our children.

Being connected to the community, the school system and county agencies has allowed me to connect many people to the wonderful but often unknown resources in our community and schools. I believe that I bring many talents such as managing budgets; staff/volunteer training; marketing/public relations; and building upkeep/maintenance to the table but most importantly I will bring the interests/concerns of students, parents, teachers and community. I look forward to serving on the School Board because I am "Connected to the Present.... and Concerned for the Future."

A Medium’s Visions
Tania Thomas – Author, Spiritual Medium, Motivational Speaker, and Sometimes Comedian

TaniaThomas Within my Facebook fan page, Visions and Voices, I receive an abundance of questions from inquisitive minds regarding what I do for a living. I would like to share with you some of questions that have topped the list as the most unusual and thought provoking, and perhaps you can relate to them too.

Question: "People who commit suicide, are they free, is their pain gone now that they have passed?"

Answer: This is a true concern for many people facing the loss of a loved one due to a suicidal act. I once heard of a medium that refused to bring suicide victims across because she did not want "that kind of energy around me.” How sad is that remark. I am not sure what kind of energy this person was referring to, but it sure does make it sound all kinds of awful doesn't it? One thing you must always remember is that suicide, for the most part, is not committed by someone who is necessarily thinking clearly. Often times depression, great loneliness, loss, or anger will precipitate the act. There are the few who choose to end their life after they were diagnosed with a terminal illness. Regardless of how the suicide occurs, it is a sad time for family leaving those behind to wonder, to question, and to grieve in an undefinable way. Read more

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    First Siler City Mega-Sweep Planned for November 1

    On Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. local residents hope to make Siler City shine through a town clean-up day. Volunteers are invited to pick up trash, cut down weeds, wash store windows and add a bit of polish to front yard or businesses. Groups will also be working on highly visible sites along the route of the EDC business tours.

    Any groups willing to help pick-up trash, cut down weeds, plant some bulbs and generally spruce up, please call or email Zoann Adams at, Jack Meadows at or 919.742.2323 or Ann Bass at or 919.452.9431. This is an effort by the SC DO! Megasite Readiness committee, Town Appearance Committee and Town of Siler City.

    Sustainable Speaker Series features leader in NC Sustainable energy

    The Sustainable Speaker Series will continue on Nov. 19 with Isaiah Allen, Executive Chef at The Eddy Pub and Founder, Farmer at Rocky Run Farm. For more information on CCCC’s sustainability programs, visit, call Laura Lauffer at 919-545-8032 or email


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