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Haunted Hills Terror Drive

Chatham County Line Staff

A new Halloween experience is coming to the Shakori Hills Community Arts Center in Silk Hope. The project was the idea of Christie Cooke and her husband, Dennis DeFrancesco, owners of Art of Motion Events, a corporate event planning company based in Silk Hope.

The self-driven, haunted excursion includes more than a dozen “scenes,” that tie into a mystery story provided to ticket holders via a downloadable audio file. Guests begin the audio 10 minutes before arriving at Shakori to learn about the spooky story they are about to encounter. Another audio will provide narration through each of the scenes. The entire trip lasts about 15 minutes.

Purchase tickets online in advance and the charge is by car, regardless of the number of occupants. Entry is spaced 15 minutes apart to allow each vehicle to enjoy the experience at a safe pace of 3 miles/hour. Once tickets are purchased, audio files for the Haunted Hills Terror Drive will be emailed to the purchaser.