by Randolph Voller

A lot has happened in Chatham County since we published our last printed edition in October of 2021 — including the major economic development announcements of Vinfast and Wolfspeed.

The Chatham County Line has not been silent however, and since our last printed edition we have been publishing online at and our social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

You can send stories, ideas, op-ed pieces or letters to the editor to us at the locations printed below in the masthead.

Since our last Election Edition in October of 2021,  we have been working with the local radio station WCHL on the “Chatham County Round Up” and the weekly show “On the Porch” that airs every Sunday at 11:07 am and 4:07 pm with the past episodes available for listening online at

If you have suggestions for guests, please email us at

This Election Edition is mailed to over 35,000 households and businesses in Chatham County. All candidates were all asked the same three basic questions and given 150 words to answer them. In addition we have requested a photograph and an online reference for voters to peruse.  For the county commissioner candidates we added a fourth question:  How do you plan to address the pressure on housing and infrastructure in Chatham County?

Both local political parties provided a statement for readers to evaluate and we gave all candidates and parties the opportunity to advertise.

Spend the time to learn about the people running for office and then do your civic duty and vote! 

Randolph Voller, Publisher