by Randolph Voller

We are facing round two of the COVID-19 pandemic. The delta variant packs a punch and the lambda variant is on deck to bring a TKO.
Those of us who are vaccinated are better equipped to handle the delta variant than the unvaccinated members of our community, but we are in this health crisis together.
We may not like each other, attend the same church, and we might cheer for opposite teams, but the unshakable fact is that we must help each other by simply wearing a mask
when we are out in public, washing our hands with sanitizer, and getting vaccinated.
These actions are courteous, sensible, socially responsible and the very least we can do to make
our community safer and healthier.
The challenge before us is that misinformation grows like kudzu on social media and keyboard jockeys behave as if they can out-research and out-think scientists and public health professionals whose life missions and jobs are to provide the best possible rational and responsible public health policy.
No one would let a surgeon who had failed to wash their hands and wear a surgical mask operate on a member of their family. Yet across America we tolerate static from community members who refuse to work together for the greater good.
Folks, we don’t live in the dark ages anymore and frankly we should not let our community public health decisions be undermined by unqualified blabbermouths. We understand germ theory and we know how to implement basic practices to save lives.
1 – Get vaccinated.
2 – Put on a mask.
3 – Keep your hands clean.
The life you’re saving may be your own.

Randolph Voller, Publisher