by Randolph Voller

It’s been one year since the pandemic changed our lives.
Social distancing, vigilant hand washing, and the wearing of masks are normalized.
With the vaccine rolling out we all hope to slowly get back to a new normal as we move through 2021. Whether this means nights out on the town sans mask remains to be seen, but we’re moving in that direction.
As we slowly get back to normal a move we can make now and consistently is to support locally-owned businesses in Chatham County.
That may mean ordering items via the internet or phone for take out, buying gift cards, giving positive online reviews, and social media shoutouts. We can help ourselves and our economy by helping our neighbors.
This is especially true in downtown Pittsboro where the struggles of the pandemic have been enhanced by infrastructure improvements. Detour signs may be all over town, but rest assured Main Street is open for business.
Every dollar we spend in businesses like Angelina’s, Blossom FloralArtistry, Carolina Cravings, Circle City Books, Deep River Mercantile, New Horizons, Postal Fish Company, S & T’s Soda Shop, The Mod, The City Tap, Virlies, and Vino Wine Shop, to name a few, are dollars that recirculate in our community and make our local economy stronger.
Investing in the success of our locally-owned businesses is an investment in our community and is an affirmative spending decision that makes us all more resilient and our town unique.
We lose some of our uniqueness when a locally-owned shop closes.
So, buy local!

Randolph Voller, Publisher