by Randolph Voller

We recently experienced the winter solstice. That day coincided with the first night crossing in 800
years of Jupiter and Saturn—an astronomical event known as “The Great Conjunction.”

After approaching the other’s path for months, these massive planets—millions of miles away from us and each other—seemed to share almost a single point in the heavens.
I watched this with my wife, Lesley, as we remembered the birth of our only child—our daughter, Lily McCoy Voller—on December 21, 2000. ‘Celebrated’ isn’t quite the right word for Lily’s birthday as she died very suddenly barely three months later.
During my career I have been asked about leadership, strength, fortitude and the moments that one can manifest in order to lead.
The years following Lily’s death at Durham Regional Hospital in front of our eyes exemplify fortitude, as we have picked up the pieces and persevered. A part of Lesley and I died that night with Lily, but the strength between us and the love that we’ve received from our families, friends, and community has allowed us to grow and move forward with kindness, empathy, and understanding.
This path is a long one and we are often far from our goals, but the journey is more fulfilling when we nourish ourselves with peace, love, and understanding as opposed to resentment, anger, and indignation. Many among us have sustained terrible losses this year. But be assured that the spirits of your loved ones live on in your souls, your memories, and your rituals.
May the thorny path of 2020 recede and the possibilities of 2021 align to include enlightenment, community spirit, and blessings for us all.

Randolph Voller, Publisher