by Randolph Voller

My past two Publisher’s notes have been about COVID-19 and the pandemic.

Mayor Nass recently took the difficult step that many other communities in the Triangle and State have and issued a mask mandate.

Mayor Nass and former Mayor Cindy Perry, his opponent in the 2021 Pittsboro Municipal race, both endorse the mask mandate and provided quotes about that as well. [The article starts on page 1.]  Mayor Nass said he took the “controversial but bold stand to implement a mask mandate in Pittsboro” because  “masking becomes more urgent” with “increasingly contagious variants”. He hopes as the numbers go down that the mandate can be released soon. He was very concerned with the health and safety of young children who are not eligible for the vaccine and said that “…if the mandate saves even one life, it was the right thing to do.” 

This illustrates the importance of community leadership and why local elections matter.

The purpose of elected officials is to represent the needs of the community great and small and work for its greater good. 

Too often elected officials believe their purpose is to get re-elected. This is not the case. 

Officials need to make good, tough decisions on behalf of the community not just in the near term, but for the long term.

And local officials can make a lot of decisions that can affect a community longitudinally.

This is why it is important for the citizens to get educated on local races and vote.

Make a difference. Go vote!

Randolph Voller, Publisher