Democrats Win in Several Ways

by Jeff Davidson

EDITOR’s note:  Jeff Davidson wrote this opinion piece in November, after the election. Facts have emerged which counter some of his assertions especially regarding the allegations of “massive voter fraud” in certain swing states. However, with President Trump and his enablers in his inner circle and the US Congress continuing to press the case for him to be declared the winner Mr. Davidson makes some interesting points about what a second Trump term would have meant for the country.

One of the primary reasons the networks aren’t calling the election for Joe Biden is it they recognized the massive amount of fraud that’s gone on in the swing states. If they have to reverse their calls, it will be egg on their faces for eternity. Meanwhile, whether Joe Biden wins or not, the Democrats win. Why? Even with a second term for Donald Trump, in many respects, Democrats get much of what they want.

Democrats traditionally have been strong advocates of free speech. Consider Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers, or Woodward and Bernstein in the Watergate Investigation. They are for free speech, right? Or, only speech with which they agree?

Donald Trump is a strong advocate of free speech. Don’t confuse his chiding of the fake news media with his support of the First Amendment. He does not impede the press or anyone else from free speech. Indeed, with 92% negative news coverage about the president, First Amendment rights for the press in America, arguably, have never been stronger.

A Supreme Court as Designed

A second Trump term means that the Supreme Court will hold to nine justices as Democrat hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg strongly advised. “It would be that – one side saying, ‘When we’re in power, we’re going to enlarge the number of judges, so we would have more people who would vote the way we want them to,’” Ginsburg said in an interview on July 24, 2019.

“Nine seems to be a good number. It’s been that way for a long time,” she said, adding, “I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court.” It wasn’t her ‘dying wish’ but close enough, and you wouldn’t want to second guess her, would you? 

Indeed, the groundswell of negative responses following FDR’s attempt to pack the court should be enough to tell you what would happen if anyone, GOP included, intended to pack the court today. 

Lower Taxes for All

Throughout their history, Democrats strived to be the party of the common man and woman; those who weren’t earning big bucks, didn’t otherwise have a strong voice in Washington, D.C., and would appreciate having a lesser tax burden. Here’s the opportunity once again to have that happen.

Donald Trump has proven that he wants Americans to have lower taxes. Ignore the pseudo analysis which claims that only the rich benefitted from the 2017 tax bill. Millions of Americans, at all income levels, benefitted and will benefit more so in a second Trump term. 

Democrats do prefer to pay lower taxes, do they not? 

Peace, at Long Last

Democrats traditionally have been against war, especially those in far-off lands where our objectives were not clear, U.S. troops died or were gravely injured, and spending was virtually unlimited and in mass numbers. They marched in the streets during the Vietnam War. They opined about the possibility of achieving peace in the Middle East and celebrated in 1978 when Jimmy Carter united Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin in the Camp David Accords to create a lasting peace between Israel and Egypt.

With Donald Trump, in his second term, the peace already achieved between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Sudan will expand to other nations, notably Saudi Arabia. Peace in the Middle East is a highly beneficial development for the Middle East itself and for America, is it not? And, if one committed to having peace around the world, what better place to start than in the hotbed of the Middle East? The region has only known war and dissension, not merely for years or decades but for centuries. 

With another term, Trump will continue his policy of avoiding long-drawn-out foreign wars in which objectives are murky. He will strive to safely bring troops home. That is a worthwhile endeavor, right?

The Benefits Keep Coming

Other new or continuing developments in a second Trump term will include school vouchers so that all children can attend their school of choice and receive a decent education, the exploration of space, including further visits to the moon and a visit to Mars, the continuation of veterans’ benefits, opportunity zones in minority communities, the implementation of sentencing and prison reforms, whereby those who were unfairly sentenced can establish a new life, and so much more.

Democrats have traditionally been for everything discussed above. Let’s see if they can muster the objectivity to support such issues, regardless of who is president.

Jeff Davidson is “The Work-Life Balance Expert®” and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, harmony, and integration issues and author of  Breathing Space, Simpler Living, Perfect Timing, and Everyday Project Management.