by Tim Keim 

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky commented last month that the corona virus may be “just a few mutations potentially away, could potentially evade our vaccines.”

This is quite an admission from one of our chief health authorities, but it’s a scientifically sound expectation that has been put forward by several virologists, epidemiologists, clinicians and researchers since the beginning of the pandemic. Most of the mainstream media has not covered the work of legitimate scientists who have been telling us that viral escape from the current crop of vaccines is not only highly likely, but is happening now.

News from some of the most vaccinated countries in the world like Israel and the United Kingdom is showing that significant numbers of new infections and hospitalizations are occurring in the vaccinated population. We are also seeing these infections in the U.S. The term “breakthrough” infection may lose its validity as these infections become more common; and as we catch up with the global infection numbers among the vaccinated.

So, why are the vaccinated also susceptible to infection, serious disease and death from Covid-19? As I’ve mentioned in past columns, the pollution of our air, water, soil and food have depressed global immunity. Our senior population are afflicted with many preventable chronic diseases complicated by the over-prescription of pharmaceutical drugs. Also, the immune compromised, many of whom are elderly, don’t develop a robust immune response to the vaccines, reducing their protection.

But there is another possible factor that has been largely ignored. A number of highly qualified scientists have, for many months now, warned us that using a non-sterilizing or “leaky” vaccine, (like the ones now deployed world-wide), would actually stimulate the rapid evolutionary mutation of the corona virus. You read that right. The vaccines, because they do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus like more traditional vaccines, allow this highly mutable organism to develop resistance to the vaccines similar to bacterial antibiotic resistance. Virologist Geert Vanden Bossche wrote more than a year ago. “Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.” He has been widely criticized and censored for this basic insight.

What’s happening? According to Vanden Bossche and his colleagues, the virus mutates in the bodies of both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Since the vaccines do not provide sterilizing immunity, the virus is under selective, sub-optimal immune pressure and mutates toward becoming a dominant vaccine escape variant. The simplistic strategy of the vaccines is to target the spike protein. In response, the virus, during exposure to inoculation, mutates and edits the spike protein to evade vaccine efficacy. Given the above view, saying that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated may not only be a wrongheaded, but a potentially perilous oversimplification. This leaves us in a deeply troubling predicament. We want to use vaccination to protect us from infection, but at the same time, if vaccination is speeding the virus to escape treatment and develop a super variant…well, what do we do next? Testing infected vaccinated people would provide us with a massive and immensely useful data set that we are now missing. 

But this also brings me back to the strategy I’ve been promoting since the beginning of the pandemic: plant medicines.

Plant medicines offer us a much more complex, detailed and dynamic way to build a durable, superior natural immunity. Here are a few examples of how plant medicines defeat viral attack.

Turmeric, perhaps one of the most investigated plants of all, elegantly binds to enzyme sites on viruses to disable them from entering cells and replicating. Ginger acts directly on the protein shell that coats the SARS Cov-1 virus. Tulsi Basil significantly increases interferon gamma, interleukin 4 T helper cells and Natural Killer cells, the immune components that defeat microbial invasion. Kalmegh (andrographis paniculata), is also a broad-spectrum antiviral. It reduces post-infection replication by upregulating our own immune function. This is all peer reviewed work that demonstrates how plant medicine constituents provide a much more comprehensive defense against viral infection to which viruses do not become resistant, unlike pharmaceutical vaccines. Taken together, these complex vegetable strategies converge to defeat viral infection.

These plant medicines build natural, dynamic immune function that is superior to vaccines without the well-documented side-effects. 

You can find out more about these and other plant medicines in my new e-book, Seven Plant Medicines to Build Superior Immunity and Protect You From Viral Attack!, available on all digital platforms.

Tim Keim is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. Reach him at