Daily Archives: August 10, 2021


NC GOP Repress Historic Truths, Spread Trump Lies

by Julian Sereno Look who’s turning out to be the real snowflakes. The ones traumatized by ideas that challenge their beliefs. It’s North Carolina Republicans. They are doing their best to cancel ideas of which they disapprove, as well as ...

Unintentional But Very Real Bias

by Jan Nichols A dear friend gave me a book for my birthday that I finally got around to reading. Invisible Women, Data Bias in a World Designed for Men is not what you would call light summer reading, although ...

The Return Of Masking

by Bill Crawford This is an effort that began with the CDC changing their recommendations, backtracking on their unmasking of the vaccinated in May, which opened up many suburbs and cities (especially in Blue states) to freer personal and business ...