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April - September 2020

Historical Perspectives
By Dr. Lynn Veach Sadler

Colon, NC
The Buckner Post Office was established (25 May 1891) 3.5 miles northeast of Sanford under Postmaster William B. Webster. No one seems to know why it was renamed (2 January 1892) Colon. Some derive the name from a Scottish town; others, from Colonel C. O. Sanford, whose surname was adopted for Sanford. It appears as a given name among local Black and White families (e.g., Judd, Kelly, McKenzie). From a few families (Wicker, Redding, Lynch, Davison, McIver, Dye, Bela, Webster, Riggsbee, Smith), Colon grew to about 500 and, in the 1930�s, belonged to the Lee-Chatham Baseball League.


Basswood to the Rescue!

Struggling with TP hoarding disorder? Talking it out is the best therapy. Native plants can come to the rescue as well. The "Newbie Prepper" website recommends five plants with leaves suitable for this purpose, of which only mullein can be foraged locally. While very useful and widespread, and not usually troublesome, mullein is an introduced plant. I suspect that the author may not have tried the advice on the website. I confess to having had to, once, years ago. Mullein leaves are too soft, with long, flexible hairs - messy.


Photos of an empty downtown Pittsboro taken by Bett Foley on the First Sunday in April

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On 3-23-2020 Governor Roy Cooper closed all schools until May 15, 2020. At this point in time nearly all local events have been cancelled. Please check individual websites for more information.


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